a woman dies from pregnancy-related complications

Help us address the greatest health disparity between nations: the death of a mother during pregnancy or childbirth.

Almost 99% of women who die in pregnancy and childbirth are from developing countries like Tanzania.

Women in rural Tanzania have poor access to health care services, especially maternal health care. A limited number of health facilities paired with an undeveloped road system makes it difficult for pregnant women to access quality prenatal care and delivery services.

In the area where Mama Maisha operates, local facilities regularly receive pregnant women experiencing a life-threatening complication. In fact, up to 50-70% of local women deliver at home, at the home of a traditional birth attendant (TBA), or en route to a health facility.

A mother and child

Mama Maisha, or "Mother Life" in Swahili, was founded to provide effective, sustainable care in challenging, resource-limited circumstances.

We believe that the death of a mother is not only a health issue, but also a matter of social injustice.

Faces of the mothers in Tanzania

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