Meet the MHAs

Maternal Health Advocates

Maternal Health Advocates (MHA) are local women trained by Mama Maisha to provide education, support and empowerment to women. They hold weekly meetings on health and safety topics, provide antenatal checkups, help plan a safe delivery, and facilitate emergency services.

Sarah Akoth Mauwa

MHRA in Roche village, 54 years old, married for 37 years, 7 children

Mama Maisha helps a pregnant woman to identify high-risk symptoms and advises her to go see a doctor. We also advise mothers to use contraceptives to keep the family healthy and we instruct a pregnant woman to attend the clinic to know the status of her pregnancy and give birth in a health facility.

Scola A. Odira

MHRA in Roche village, 46 years old, married for 24 years, 8 children

Mama Maisha has helped my village for a large percentage of expectant mothers to go to clinic. Many of them have delivered safely, their children have been vaccinated, pregnant mothers are getting antenatal care, along with many other things.

Zilpa Msafiri Okumu

MHRA in Nyambogo village, 35 years old, married for 16 years, 4 children

Since I started work with Mama Maisha, it has made me aware of the benefits of healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, and it has taught me many things I did not know.

Joyce James Ndiege

HRA in Luanda village 35 years old, married for 16 years, 2 children

Mama Maisha can help pregnant women get the best care available in their community. Mama Maisha is helping them to use contraception to have the best chance of being able to give birth to a healthy baby.

Happy Adeck Matiku

MHRA in Luanda village 38 years old, married for 23 years, 7 children

The services of Mama Maisha have helped my community, especially for mothers to use contraception and pregnant women to deliver at health facilities, as well as mothers attending clinic early. We are grateful for the help of Mama Maisha.

Suzana Dalmas Marwa

MHRA in Kyangasaga village 34 years old, married for 7 years, 2 children

Through Mama Maisha I have become acquainted with my fellow women in the community. I educate them about Mama Maisha and family planning. This program is also helping me to provide for my family.

Phibi Wankyo Charles

MHRA in Kyangasaga village 50 years old, married for 34 years, 9 children

Fides Shida Bonyo

MHRA in Nyambogo village 29 years old, married for 13 years, 4 children

“For us as the village members of Nyambogo, Mama Maisha has helped us by providing clinic services and educating women about safe pregnancy, safe delivery and matters of family planning and contraception.

Robhi Magethi Wambura

MHRA in Kyangasaga village 42 years old, widow, 8 children

Mama Maisha’s support has reduced the death of mothers and children.

Chausiku Godfrey Musa

MHRA in Nyahera village 31 years old, married for 15 years, 3 children

Since I started working with Mama Maisha, it has helped me to improve education for mothers in my village to understand more about safe motherhood.

Rozi Agoro Matoyo

MHRA in Nyambogo village 37 years old, married for 20 years, 6 children

Since I started working with Mama Maisha, I have seen changes because I know what Mama Maisha has taught me about the meaning of safe pregnancy, safe delivery and family planning.

Joice Onyango Omach

MHRA in Roche village 40 years old, married for 25 years, 2 children

Mama Maisha has brought great light for the women of Roche who were unaware of the importance of clinics. Many were sick, but now they know their condition after going to the clinic.

Fransisca Charles Kikoba

MHRA in Luanda village 40 years old, widow, 9 children

Mama Maisha has helped me in my family. I have been educating my children about the importance of family planning, and also what I have to teach rural people about safe and hygienic delivery.

Yunia Yusufu Kyaolang’

MHRA in Nyahera village 53 years old, widow, four children

This service of Mama Maisha helps me improve my life while helping my community to know the meaning of safe pregnancy and safe motherhood program.

Rozimery Kichere Jafeth

MHRA in Nyahera village 20 years old, married for two years, 1 child

Since I’ve started this work with Mama Maisha, it has helped us realize that mothers are not being empowered in our villages, and has helped them prioritize registering their children’s birth certificates. Also, Mama Maisha helps women to be bold and explain their problems to their husbands, as is their right.

Penina Olen’ga Koye

Mama Maisha Nurse 54 years old, 3 children

Mama Maisha has really helped the women in the villages where we are working to access antenatal care close to their villages without a lot of travel, so the services of Mama Maisha have greatly helped the villagers and they are very happy to receive the service of Mama Maisha.

Ellen Kawira

Mama Maisha Advisor 64 years old, married for 42 years, 6 children

Mama Maisha is a project we started in July 2014 for the special purpose of helping women of reproductive age to consider three things: Healthy Pregnancy, Safe Delivery and Family Planning. We are circulating in five villages for now, and in each village we have hired three Maternal and Reproductive Health Advocates. They represent us every day in the villages while giving education. We have good cooperation with the Traditional Birth Attendants who help women giving birth in an emergency unable to reach hospitals or those whose labor pains come suddenly and cannot reach the hospital in time.

Steven Nyategi

Ongola, Mama Maisha Men’s Educator 38 years old, married for 19 years, 6 children

Mama Maisha is an important program in the community and has helped a lot in the provision of education about family planning, safe pregnancy and safe childbirth. I have met many men in the five villages we work in to provide them education. They ask questions and get answers, and some have agreed to allow their wives to access contraception.