Mama Maisha

The first day I performed surgery at Shirati hospital, I delivered two incredibly premature babies by cesarean section. Neither baby survived. Both of the mothers had bleeding during pregnancy and were lucky to live through surgery. These and other experiences were a stark reminder that pregnancy and childbirth can be life-threatening situations, especially without the availability of skilled medical services.

Reta Graham, MD

About Us

Dr. Reta Graham and Dr. Jeff Graham, in affiliation with local and regional non-governmental services, founded Mama Maisha, the first Safe Motherhood Intervention Project in the Mara region of Tanzania.

Mama Maisha works at the village level, providing essential prenatal care and delivery services, as well as education and resources to empower women to make wise decision regarding family planning, healthy pregnancies, and safe delivery for every child.

Mama Maisha is working to develop relationships with local and regional government and health facilities to advocate for education, training and retention of providers at a variety of levels, improving standards and addressing the unmet need for reproductive and maternal health care.

Our Mission

To decrease the number of women dying from pregnancy related complications in the resource limited setting by increasing knowledge of and access to health services and contraception and by empowering each woman to make choices for her own health and safety during all stages of childbearing.

What We Do

Mama Maisha focuses on training local women as advocates for reproductive health. These Maternal Health Advocates (MHA) provide education, support and empowerment to women.


The MHA hold weekly meetings about health topics that equip each woman to make wise decisions about the health and safety of herself and her child, improving pregnancy and childbirth outcomes.


Pregnant women have the opportunity to complete antenatal checks from visiting health professionals and receive weekly visits from the MHA, who help them plan a safe delivery location


The MHA attend deliveries, whether at home or in a health facility. In the event of danger signs, the MHA facilitate timely transport to the district hospital for emergency services.